Are Your Headlamps Discoloured?

Are your headlamps discoloured? This can sometimes lead to a MOT failure on your car.

We can renovate them to look like new .

Some headlight lenses can be buffed clean but depending on how weathered they are, with others we will have to go through a 3 stage process to bring them back to life.


Step 1

Mask off headlight and dual action them back to a smooth matt finish.


Step 2

Slowly buff back the lens using various compounds to bring back the shine .


Step 3

Hand polish and wax the lens to finish.



Need your headlamps brighten up?

Pop in to the garage or ring 01206 766 681 and we can give you a free quote today.


Here’s a before and after of a set we did yesterday.




  • The Son Of Thom

    Reply Reply 17th November 2017

    Will bring mine in for you to do for me!

  • James de Beresford

    Reply Reply 18th July 2018

    It’s great when you’re happy with your headlamps. A shiny new pair really sets a car off nicely and makes for a safe drive, too. It’s amazing how a professional buff and shine can draw admiring glances and compliments from handsome passers by. That said, my 24 year old Punto just passed its MOT with filthy headlamps. Dodged a bullet, there.

  • Matthew

    Reply Reply 19th July 2018

    Very straight to the point post. From the difference in the before and after pictures you can really see the improvement. I think this is so important for to fix while driving so I’ll be calling for a quote.

  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply 20th July 2018

    Wow, the difference is amazing! I had never even thought about this but have found my lights seem somehow more dull than they used to be – perhaps this is the problem!

    Enjoy the journey!


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